We are a language school that was born at a time of socio-economic growth of the African Brazilian peaple,as well as Brazil in a macro context, where social inssues have emerged in dynamic global, introducing new challenges and new opportunities.
In this way, the role of Ebony is promote the empowerment from teaching of English, taking into account the history and culture by African "diaspora". Ebony continues working to overthrow the social, cultural and educational obstacles, encouraging our students to go as far they can and want go. In Ebony, nobody has boundaries simply because "Knowledge is Power"!

Prepare and qualify the african-Brazilian, but not only african-Brazilians, especially in English, from cultural proposals and social cutural inovations.

Be recognized as an entrepreneur and transforming agent of the emerging Brazilian community in order to enhance, promote and multiply culture and development with holistic actions and sustainable use of global resources.

Ebony include self-esteem, achievement, bound, culture, sustainability and ubuntu (I exist through you - "afrocenter pont of view of people and social relations)